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Get Ready for Incense Burner, Fire Spirit & More in RS F
  Wysłany: 2019-02-18, 09:32     

Dołączył: 26 Gru 2018
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As an artisanskillin the game, the RuneScape Firemaking recently will have a series of updates added in. Along with updates in fire spirit and balloon system, this March will see update of incense burner, which can be made up by logs, ashes and herbs, and with different herbs like Tarromin and Marrentill, gives different buffs.

Introduction to Firemaking & incense burner

As a companion skill of Woodcutting, Firemaking is usually used to cook raw food on the spot by burninglogsto create fire. It also offers light source when you explore dark environment. Additionally, the burnt up ashes can be sold in GE as one of the ingredients to make theSerum 207potion. With the incense burner, training Firemaking skill will be more interesting. You can make one incense burner by making a sticks from logs, combining the stick with Prayer ash, then with herb. Though creating a incense burner won’t help Firemaking training efficiently, its components and the burner itself are valuable in GE. Burning an incense burner with different herbs (like Tarromin, Marrentill, Wergali, etc.) will give a 40 minute buff (like automatically bankingashesgained from burning logs, reducingpoisondamage by 12.5%, etc.) that increases in potency every 10 minutes.

Other updates in the Firemaking

There will also be updates in the fire spirit. The updated version of fire spirit will have countdown timer bar for its disappearance. And interacting with the fire spirit no longer interrupts you from firemaking. The drops of the spirits will also be changed. Some less valuable items will be removed while some small bonus experience effects added. As for the balloon transport system, you can now use any kind of log to store travel charges withit. But the logs you apply will affect the amount of charges you gain.

With the RuneScape incense burner and updates in fire spirit and balloon system, the skill of Firemaking must will become a new attraction to all players. Come RSorder and get cheap rs gold to enjoy the updates!
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    Tommie C
  Wysłany: 2019-07-28, 11:18     

Dołączył: 28 Lip 2019
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